5 Best WordPress Typography Plugins(Awesome Fonts! )

June 25, 2018

An awesome font can always attract and hold the readers attention.

Just like images, graphics, layouts, colors and other visual stuffs, fonts too are an essential building block of a website.

Role Of Typegraphy:

They play an important role in forming the overall appearance of a website. When you create a website with WordPress, it provides decent typography features to cope with the texts on your website.

However, it’s possible to unlock new types of fonts and use them on your website to enrich its feel and look incredibly.

And, it can be achieved with the best WordPress typography plugins.

Why is typography important? 

The texts on your website are useless if they are not readable and catch readers’ attention.

Especially when you have blogging website, then choosing right type of font is a key to your blog’s success.

Further, typography is the most important element for successful web design which determines the success or failure of the web design.

It doesn’t matter how much effort you put in the aesthetic aspect of your website, without proper fonts, it’s just a piece of design and not useful from visitors’ point of view.

By using the best font plugin for WordPress, you can easily improve the fonts on your website to enhance its appearance.


1.Easy Google Fonts

This is an amazing WordPress custom font plugin, because it is an easy tool which allows integrating custom Google fonts to any WordPress theme.

And, it doesn’t require any kind of coding to add the fonts.

It is possible to integrate this plugin with your WordPress Customizer that allow you to preview the fonts in real-time.

Plus, it works with all themes.

Apart from this, Easy Google Fonts allow creating tailored font controls for different themes in the admin settings section to access specific CSS selectors.

After creation of such custom font controls, they can be instantly accessed from the customizer without any type of coding.

Easy Google Fonts has a lot of features such as it provides over 600+ Google fonts, compatible with any WP theme, automatic background updates, translation ready, create own font rules and controls, preview font changes in real-time and lot more.

Its recent version, at the time of writing this post, is 1.3 with 300,000+ active installations. It requires WP version 4.8 through 4.9.6.

2.WP Typography

It is an awesome typography plugin which adds several typography features to your blog.

This plugin offers intelligent character placement, spacing control, hyphenation, smart handling of different characters and quotes, wrapping of long URLs, as well as CSS hooks that enable styling of acronyms, upper case letters, ampersands, and other special characters.

It has been installed by 10,000+ users and its recent version is 5.3.5 which is compatible with WordPress version 4.6 through 4.9.6.

You can work with this plugin to use captivating fonts on your website that will grab the attention of visitors.

3.Typekit Fonts for WordPress

Typekit Fonts makes it possible to be easily embedded in your WP website without requiring to alter the website theme.

It provides a service that enables you to choose different fonts from a wide-range of high-quality font options for your website.

With this plugin, you can choose various adorable fonts to enrich your website with elegant characters and enhance its look.

Since, the fonts are embedded using font-faced standard, hence they are standard compliant, as well as they are fully accessible and licensed.

It works with WP version 4.2 through 4.9.6.



This plugin is quite a useful typography utility for you if you are running a website where you provide blogs related to programming.

This amazing tool easily highlights syntax in the code snippets that are placed on your website like in case of a web development or design blog.

It’s a great tool to use if you frequently add code snippets to your blog. CodeColorer is compatible with WP version 4.0 through 4.9.6.

Moreover, it has 5000+ active installations and its latest version is 0.9.15 (when writing this post).

5. Enlighter

Enlighter is a free, customizable syntax highlighting tool, which easily works with any WordPress website.

Further, this easy-to-use plugin is built in PHP and utilizes EnlighterJS, which is based on MooTools (JavaScript), to offer an adorable code-appearance.

With this simple tool, you can choose an editor style or add shortcode around your scripts that you wish to highlight, then the rest will be taken care by Enlighter.

It can be used with WordPress version 3.9 through 4.9.6.


In order to provide your website users with the best experience and to present your content effectively, it is important to pay attention to typography of your website.

With the above plugins, it is possible to add clarity and crispness to the texts on your website and make them readable as well as eye-catchy.

By improving texts on your site, it is possible to grab website visitor’s attention and present your ideas more effectively.

Author Bio:

Steven Bowen is a columnist and professional blogger associated with No-refresh: T-Shirt Design Software Provider, who likes sharing informative post with high-quality content to enhance the visitors’ knowledge.

5 Best WordPress Typography Plugins(Awesome Fonts! )
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5 Best WordPress Typography Plugins(Awesome Fonts! )
An awesome font can always attract and hold the readers attention. Here are top 5 wordpress plugins that can make a big impact!
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