How a business website can grow your business in 2020?

March 31, 2020

The buying process has not remained the same now as each individual first looks for the business, gets the information and if they like the brand products and quality, they buy them. And for this, a solid brand impression is a must. 

Having a business, as an owner, it becomes essential to bring your business online. Your business must show on google map i.e. listed with Google My Business if a person searches about a local shop near me. Just create a business Facebook page and try to gain customers’ trust as it will become your backbone to gain popularity among customers. And it will also help in small business marketing.

And nowadays developing a business website or eCommerce store is much easier and does not cost much with many advantages as your online store is not restricted to hours, it is 24/7 available. 

Keys benefits to building a local website for a small business:

#1 Your customers expect you to be online:

This one reason is enough to trust and buy products or whatever your business maybe. Having a business website develop trust in your customer’s mind to think that actually, the business exists. If you don’t have the website it becomes quite a chance for your customers to look to your competitors. 

If you have an online business, your customer wants answers from you for a few questions:

  • How your business is unique from competitors?
  • A clear understanding of offering to be given to customers.
  • contact information along with addresses


#2 An online website will socialise your business


According to the research, there is around ninety percent of the customers that trust customers reviews online and it somehow influences their buying decisions. As people love to check reviews of the product or services before buying them. There are various sites that help them check the reviews of your business. And if you positive reviews and good quality you can easily grab the attention of your users on your website and let them buy from you.

It is also best for you to add your potential customer’s reviews on the website or give them the access to add the reviews that your new customers can read it and buy from you as it is a great way to impress your potential customers to buy.


#3 Adding a blog will make them and Google know your business:


As a business owner, you cannot control what your customers or competitors say about you on social media but you can influence them by creating your own blog section on your website. As it helps business owners to let their target audience to know about them, and services faster than print ads or snail mail brochures.

Plus, having a blog section also makes easier for the google to bring your business at Google search page as you have targeted some keywords on the website and blog section that help Google algorithm to show your business on Google result as well as helps in marketing a small business.


#4 It lets you be a step ahead from competitors:


Your consumers usually look for your business either by checking reviews from Google or by recommendations from their peers as well as social network connections.

There are studies on consumer behavior and according to the consumer has an idea of what they need or want and get the information they just start researching, and almost around 72 percent of them go online to look for reviews, educational material, and testimonials. 

So, if you have brought your business online and is staying competitive with your competition you are staying ahead of the competition and not giving your competitors the chance to stay ahead.


#5 Online businesses let you stay online every time


As a businessman, you don’t want your customers to leave you as you are not open. But having an online website lets every business from large to small businesses to let people shop even at 3 a.m.It makes you sell products all the time even if you have an eCommerce store.

It further can boost sales and supports your online presence by building client relationship building, brand recognition, etc. and if you use small business marketing tools, it helps them to reach new customers and generate business customers.


#6 It helps  to showcase your product and services:


Websites give away for marketing for small business owners, it not only lets you display your products or services in detail with images, and descriptions. You can also showcase the short video tutorials or downloadable PDF instructions to give your customers no reason to go elsewhere to purchase the goods or services.


#7 Improve Your Business’s Credibility


Having an online business brings credibility and reassure users that the business is legitimate and let a business owner market a new business and help them customers to know why your business is valuable.

#8 Let you collect information about your business

Having a business website helps you know about your customers that help to strategize the best ways to market a small business. It also brings the opportunity to collect information about your customers and help them tailor your interactions according to their interests.

Wrapping up:

Websites Are Worthwhile Investments for Small Businesses

Websites are always valuable for any business niche weather it is large or small. It also helps owners for small business marketing. A website helps businesses to meet their customers online or generate new customers.

But, the question is does having a website a worthwhile financial investment for small businesses? The answer is YES!  There are around 30% of small businesses that have a website and have spent just around or less than $500 per year to maintain their website.

A website has also let small business internet marketing approach to implement by owners. As a website helps to implement SEO strategies to let businesses show on the search result page of google or we can say search engine result page(SERP).

There are still many small businesses that don’t have any website, and this is the right time for you to bring your business online.

Author Bio: Marek is the CTO of a popular marketing app groost. With years of experience, he has been able to bring up the marketing solution through an app, it guides you at every step; how to advertise your business on any platform by getting required guidance for executing the best strategies according to the business niche.