How a Dedicated Server Can SuperCharge Your Ecommerce Store

February 21, 2019

Growing businesses often underrate the significance of dedicated servers. A dedicated server belongs to computers with access to the internet, belonging to the same client. It enables you to use the entirety of server paraphernalia.

An Enterprise Dedicated Hosting offers exclusivity that lets you configure your website the best way for you. It adds a layer of stability and security that are common to shared servers. A dedicated server is a tad bit pricier than shared hosting and also requires technical knowledge to run smoothly.

Despite the complications, dedicated hosting is the best solution for creating a unique hosting environment.

What does it mean to have a dedicated hosting?

If you are a layperson with no prior knowledge of hosting, do not worry as we have got you covered! In simpler terms, a dedicated hosting server translates to you have absolute control of the physical server to its very root system.

The hardware can be configured according to your needs, and the installation of software is done in accordance to your choice. The only difficulty other than price is the need for proper knowledge. Technical expertise will ensure that you do not disrupt your business.

The significance of dedicated hosting to an ecommerce business

Ecommerce is the millennial idea that deserves our utmost attention. Due to its growth and boost in sales, ecommerce has brought a boom in hosting services.

A majority of brick and mortar businesses are now opting the ecommerce channel to reach a far greater target audience.

Quality hosting services can aid smaller businesses and established chains of retail both transition to an efficient online outlet for their products and services.

 An ecommerce site should be able to support sales round the clock while handling concurrent viewers from even the farthest corners on the globe. To generate optimal revenues, your ecommerce site must establish a distinct impression that highlights its uniqueness in the growing competition.

The performance of your ecommerce site falls back on the web hosting service that builds security and confidence among your clients and helps you reach the sales goals you’ve set for the week, month, or year.

Since we have already spoken to you about the significance of dedicated hosting, here is a list of four reasons to strengthen the argument in favor of dedicated hosting. We hope that after reading this article, our readers will have definite answers about the future of their ecommerce site.

4 Important reasons why Ecommerce Businesses should shift to Dedicated Hosting

#1 Authenticity

The website on dedicated hosting has a separate ensconced environment which helps them deliver reliable performance. Accuracy in configurations supports the maintenance of the network that aids you in reaching the height of uptime; which in turn multiplies profits.

Your sites speed, level of responsiveness and availability helps you build a loyal customer base. Once your authenticity is proven by reliable performance, you are likely to receive repeat orders from your loyal customers.

#2 Increased security

One of your company’s data centers is the most likely location of your dedicated server. The ideal hosting provider will secure your physical server along with the data center. Monitoring the server environment can be done through multiple ways such as surveillance camera, software, intrusion alerts and routine checks by professionals.

Cyber-attacks on your financial information and customer data are both protected by an effective, dedicated host.

#3 Better storage capacity

Any ecommerce site that’s still in its stage of initial growth needs to save many data files and thousands of images of products, graphic design and what not! The need to secure customer data, prospect information, shipping and inventory records, applications and the company database are a few examples of massive files that require much space for storage.

This volume could potentially measure in gigabytes hence the need for an expensive hosting due to its large server hard drive expands your data storage space without placing any restrictions.

#4 Financially effective

Dedicated hosting is without a doubt pricier than shared hosting.

But when one examines the bigger picture, investing in a dedicated hosting is considered cost-effective. It helps your company by preventing the purchase of physical servers and leasing of high-bandwidth connections.

The hardware maintenance and need of fewer IT engineers is yet another way to save money in the long run. 

A safe, stable and well-managed server environment helps prevent disastrous breaches of data or run-ins with malware that are proven to be highly dangerous for you as a company and also for your customers.

This threat can potentially ruin your business and waste all of your effort, energy, time and resources put into the store.  

Final Words

So we have seen the significance of dedicated hosting four strong reasons why one should favor dedicated hosting for eCommerce Hosting. Hence opting for a Dedicated Hosting environment gets you the best value eCommerce hosting.  This is also the reason why you see small businesses opting for Dedicated Hosting as best eCommerce hosting option. This also applies for magento hosting as well.

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