5 Vital Factors Of An Ideal Web Host [SEO StandPoint]

June 12, 2018

Amongst the numerous variables that can affect your rankings on the search engine result page (SERP); your web hosting is one of them.

Web hosting is a service that enables businesses and individuals to post their websites on the internet.

While several providers can help you go online, you should choose a company that is SEO friendly.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a practice that helps your website gain organic visibility and exposure on the search engines.

Increased user traffic: Consequently, your site will also enjoy increased user traffic because 75% of the users never go past the first page of results before concluding their search.

Better Search Rankings:Even though the right web host does not guarantee an immediate boost in your rankings, it can ensure that you do not earn you a Google penalty, resulting in a significant drop in your positioning.

Competent web servers: Most importantly, the most competent web servers improve your site’s loading time and reduce the incidences of downtime, consequently improving your rankings, customer retention, and conversion rates.

Following are the characteristics of an ideal web host company that has a positive influence on your SEO:

1. Page load time:

Google explicitly stated in 2010 that the page loading speed of a website is one of the decisive factors that can affect your rankings.

In addition, your site should load as quickly as possible to provide a better experience to your visitors.

In fact, if your page takes longer than 3-seconds to load, almost 40% of the users will abandon the site.

Therefore, opt for a web host company that offers an optimized hosting package specific to your framework, fast hardware, and good datacenter infrastructure.

Moreover, make sure that your website is not sharing a server with hundreds of other sites. The more sites hosted by a server, without the required hardware and software to handle them, the slower is your website’s loading speed.

If your page load time is very high, it is better to move your site to a less busy server or a more trusted provider to improve the performance of your website.

2. Security

When you initiate your website, you employ all measures to ensure that your site is secure and safe from hackers.

However, if your web hosting provider is not extending you the same level of security, your website is still prone to hacking.

Hacked websites can lose their rankings if the problem is not resolved fast enough. Google can remove them from the index, and the domain is blacklisted.

Google penalizes such sites to avoid the users from interacting with a compromised website, and no amount of reputation management services can salvage this situation.

Moreover, even when the case is cleaned up, it takes a long time to recover the initial ranking and user traffic.

Therefore, security should be one of the major factors when choosing a web host, because an insecure server can cause revocable damage to your online presence.

3. Less downtime

Downtime denotes the amount of time that your website was inaccessible to visitors due to issues with the hosting server.

Google does not like to redirect their users to sites suffering from downtime.

Google’s search engine spiders routinely crawl websites to index them and later retrieve them for relevant search queries.

If your site is suffering from downtime during one these sessions, Google will not index it.

If the site is inaccessible repeatedly due to recurrent server failures, Google flags it as unreliable and removes it temporarily from the index.

This can cause a substantial drop in your rankings.

Uninterrupted website accessibility is the responsibility of the web hosting company.

Even though some amount of downtime is inevitable, you should make sure that the provider guarantees the maximum amount of uptime.

4. Server Location

Search engines are geared towards providing localized search results for a query.

If a user searches for an online business, for example, Google will consider websites based in the same area as the user.

To determine the location of your site search engines use the IP address of your website.

The IP address is assigned according to the location of the hosting server.

Therefore, if your aim to attract the local market, you should ideally choose a provider based in the same country to gain a higher ranking.

While the location of the server is not one of the predominant characteristics of an exemplary web host company, it can still have a marginal effect on your ranking.

5. SEO Awareness

It is vital for your provider to understand the importance of SEO and the role they play in acquiring better positioning on the SERPs.

It is possible that the host company is unaware of the consequences of their actions on the SEO of a website.

Therefore, before selecting a provider, inquire about their understanding of SEO and search rankings.

Make sure that they will not perform any alteration to your website’s server, which can damage your online reputation and ranking, without bringing it to your notice.

The bottom line is that an ideal web host company is one that provides the best services, with an optimized infrastructure that can withstand your website and its plugins, in addition to other sites it hosts.

It should maintain an uptime of at least 99.9% and give utmost consideration to security against hackers and spammers.

It should also be well versed in the technicalities of SEO and how their actions can affect your positioning in the search result.


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5 Vital Factors Of An Ideal Web Host [SEO StandPoint]
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5 Vital Factors Of An Ideal Web Host [SEO StandPoint]
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