3 Smart Tools To Find If your blog is Responsive(Updated)

June 18, 2018

Responsive design gives you WebPages that are easy to load, facilely usable and precisely comprehensible.

Responsive web design came into play after the iPad instilled such features in the most appreciable manner.

Since then, responsive design is the major focus while crafting WordPress Websites.

However, even in the present scenario of digitalization, some of the folks using website services are still unaware of what exactly responsive design means.

All they wish for is better website loading speed and an astonishing website presentation. Nobody wants to wait for a webpage and its imagery to load, it makes them irritable.

Here are some sorted ways to check design responsiveness of your WordPress Website.

Measure Mobile Responsiveness to Get an Idea

Google has recently made user-friendliness on mobile a major search engine ranking factor.

That way, users can now get relevant, to the point and quality search results in a single go. Checking your website for mobile responsiveness is the first and foremost thing you need to focus on.

Also, if it’s not up to the mark, you must take necessary steps to transform it into one.

Mobile responsiveness is the need of the hour and must be instilled in every WordPress Website preferably by SEO companies if employed.

Responsive Design and its Features

Checking your WordPress site for Mobile responsiveness is crucial but before that, you must be familiar with the term ‘Responsive Design’.

The appropriately usable browsing experience is the sole aim of Responsive design feature. It also includes the aspects wherein every user’s device must experience a similar experience of the same WordPress Website.

All the features and functions must work the same way irrespective of the device being used. The dimensions and sizes of devices vary and your website must be responsive enough to accommodate accordingly.

Check whether your WordPress Site is Responsive

The easiest way to achieve this goal is by checking it manually without using an online tool.

Just visit the website you need to check on your desktop, and once it gets loaded, render your browser screen a little smaller than before.

If the website possesses a responsive design, the parts of the page will get collapsed to one another but you will still be able to perceive the contents of the website while scrolling.

While on the cell phone, the method is quite simpler. Just visit the webpage and let it load on your phone. If the website looks relatable to the desktop version but a little compressed, the website isn’t responsive at all.

Tools for Checking WordPress Website Responsiveness

There are many emulator sites available to facilitate your website testing sessions. You can easily use them to check whether your site possesses a responsive design or not.

Let us check out a few of them.


This is a highly sorted emulator that tests your website across many branded cell phones.

Some of them are iPhone 5, HTC One and Google Nexus. With a simple click on the device you can check the responsiveness using this website.

Further, one can simply enter the URL and proceed.

The emulator will show you exactly how the webpage looks on the chosen device. You can also browse through every feature and check if it’s responsive for the same.


This one’s a nifty emulator which isn’t biased to certain devices.

Along with Apple devices, the emulator can check other android devices as well. Also, you just need to enter the URL in the search box and move further.

The emulator will enlighten you with results which show exactly how the website looks on multiple, popular devices.


This one’s slightly advanced with respect to responsive design aspects.

You need to add the URL in the search box and results on various devices will be shown on the top.

Further, choose the device according to your needs and browse through the pages to check if they are responsive at all.

How to make your WordPress Site Responsive?

If your website isn’t responsive enough, you can consult an SEO company for the same.

Or if you don’t wish to invest in the same, do it manually. Either use a mobile theme or switch to a more responsive design.

But, your WordPress site must be responsive for better traffic and viability.

Author Bio. :

James Tredwell is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst.com who works with unique problems and advanced search situations. He helps clients improve organic traffic through a deep understanding of Google’s algorithm and Web technology.












3 Smart Tools To Find If your blog is Responsive(Updated)
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3 Smart Tools To Find If your blog is Responsive(Updated)
Google has recently made user-friendliness on mobile a major search engine ranking factor. Quickly find out if your blog is responsive or mobile friendly.
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