5 Crucial Steps for Best Blog Rankings [Easy Steps]

June 08, 2018

Struggling with SEO for your WordPress blog? Here are the best tips that can change your blog position from bottom to top. You just need to pay a little attention to the mentioned guidelines.


Increasing your blog presence over the search engines is one of the most crucial decisions you need to make.

Above than that, the question of choosing the best CMS always bothers your thoughts.

Advantage WordPress! Your will be more than happy that you chose choose wordpress as your blog platform,  the  moment you start realizing advantages[SEO Standpoint].

Since inception, WordPress is known for its decent SEO features which simply resolves your second obstacle of improving blog presence over the web.

SEO of a blog is not limited to earning quality links and setting blatant keywords for the post. The SEO techniques have literally evolved a lot in past few years and continue to bring new strategies for further improvements.

A good start would be to use an eye-catching, stunning and compelling  WordPress template.

You need to implement proper SEO tactics to increase of your blog.

In this post, you will find amazing SEO techniques that can assist you to boost the ranking of your WordPress blog.

#1 Appropriate optimization of your blog

Optimizing the blog for the search engines include many steps. Enhancing keyword research is the first phase of it.

You can keep your blog up by analyzing what type of keywords need to be included to perform better SEO.

Creation of post categories, maintaining tags and sitemap creation are also the crucial part of blog optimization. After implementing such tactics, evaluate again and make sure that search engines are watching your blog.

Action Items

Install the following plugins:

Yoast SEO plugin: This is  one of the best SEO plugins. It will create sitemap automatically for your blog. Also you can set title and description for your blog posts.

#2 Create curative & good content

We think that there is no need to explain the importance of creating creative content for a web page.

Whether your blog contains technical information or a simple copy of content, it has a variety of categories to attract people from different tastes.

Make sure that you have posted stunning and mind-boggling stories on your blog.

Remember, making only the informational copies won’t work, you need to emphasize on the direct terms on which your blog is based.

But, don’t overdo it to as it will not affect the blog ranking. It’s better to use the phrases precisely as per requirement.

Action Items

Do  good keyword research for each blog post, before you even start writing!

Use this free Keyword research tool: UberSuggest 

#3 Publish posts more often

Google ranks blogs that posts highly engaging quality content.

Also long content (at least 1000 words) is seen to fetch better rankings.

The more you share stories with readers the high are the chances to get optimum retention rates.

Most of the times, bloggers commit the mistake of publishing the same content again and again in a day. It will not improve ranking rather, result in lowering  blog rank.

The best thing to do is,  to update your blog once in a week with quality content. It will bring rank, value and quality readers to your blog.

Action Items

Oasis Workflow Install this wonderul plugin that will help you keep track of your post ideas. Works well even if you are a solo blogger or you have a team working for you to create content. It helps you organize.

#4 Link internal posts

Linking older posts with the new one to grab users focus is the way which works fine for blog rank boost. You can do it by adding relevant keywords as the anchor text.

The process is not so tough but results favorably for the pages you want to target for improved ranking. For the newer posts, you should use at least one aligned anchored internal link between the article body.

It attracts readers and compels to click and explore the associated topic.

Action Items

SEO Smart Link Plugin: Install this plugin and then watch the plugin automatically inter link blog posts in your blog. You can even set your own rules for interlinking.

#5 Optimize your blog for speed

Blog loading speed is vital for better click-through rates and conversion. Even Google takes it in the account in a professional way. Site speed ensures many other results except the visibility and clicks.

As with slow moving blog, you will retain fewer visitors which further turns to fewer clicks and increased frustration.

The major benefit speedy blogs provide is the exceptional user experience which ultimately contributes a lot in increasing blog ranking.

Action Items

Install following plugins for max speed:

#1 W3 Total Cache: This is a caching plugin that lets you cache your blog content (images, files etc) so that blog posts are delivered to user very fast. This is one of the must have plugins.

#2 Smush Image Cruncher plugin: Images take a lot of time to load and this is where this plugin comes handy. This plugin will crunch your blog image sizes significantly! Sometimes upto 70%. And naturally your blog post will take less time to load.

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Closing Thoughts:

Be smart and justify your blog on major search engines for better ranking.

Executing the above-mentioned tips with profession will keep your blog not only on higher positions but also make it famous among the readers.

Apart from the described ones, there are many other SEO tips defined by SEO experts you can include in your blog promotion strategy. The ultimate objective should be to increase blog visibility.

Author Bio:

Tom Hardy is an SEO expert in Sparx IT Solutions: SEO Company Boston from past many years. He comprehends his duty to keep himself abreast of the latest SEO trends.

Along with keeping pace with the advanced SEO tactics, he often tries to make people aware of the topics that he think are necessary for the betterment of businesses and their associated websites.

5 Crucial Steps for Best Blog Rankings [Easy Steps]
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5 Crucial Steps for Best Blog Rankings [Easy Steps]
Struggling with SEO for your WordPress blog? Here are the best tips that can change your blog position from bottom to top.
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