What Web Hosting Type Is Right For You

September 17, 2012

Being new in the web hosting, you need to find a web hosting provider and set up your own account. When you signed up in any web hosting provider, you will be overwhelmed with a lot of options like what kind of web hosting to choose. You need to understand the primary features before you can pick the right web hosting for your website. It is also important to select a hosting that meets your budget. This is to develop a strong balance between what is actually needed and what can be removed.

Why not Free Hosting

There are some free web hosting services in the market that can be used for a personal site. A free host is convenient if you don’t have enough money to invest in a paid web hosting. It will also allow you to learn more about web hosting without the need to buy for a web hosting first.

Below are some of the features you won’t expect in a free hosting:

  1. Free hosting providers offer a plan that is just in 10MB up to 100 Megabytes in storage and about 2 GB for bandwidth. This is enough for a few web pages, a couple of images, and a few blog posts.
  2. You don’t have a domain name.
  3. You are only allowed to install a little software but not all.
  4. You cannot expand your files or move them.
  5. It does not have any database which is needed to run software and blogging tools for your website.
  6. There will always be security issues.
  7. No technical support.
  8. May experience loading issues from time to time.
  9. What is annoying about free web hosting is that since you are using the service for free, the hosting provide will find other means to get money from you in a form of advertisements. Mandatory ads displayed in your website whether you know about it, or not is the way free web hosts earn money from you. They can put banner ads on top, bottom, sides and will even have popup advertisements. Also, you will not be able to control the advertisement that will be displayed in your website. Ads annoy visitors so much that if a website is full of ads, they just leave the site and never come back. Revenues earned by advertisers in your website will get higher the more popular your website becomes. Should you be earning this money instead?

If you are thinking for running professional website particularly when you sell products online, free hosting will ruin your reputation and credibility.

Paid hosting gives you advantage

Paid hosting gives you advantage over free hosting services because with paid hosting you have complete control of your website. If you want to earn money from your ads, paid hosting won’t care, and they won’t control how your site should display ads. It is faster and more optimized to for any kind of website because these are managed and maintained by a lot of web hosting technicians.

Below are some paid web hosting options and what these hosting plans are suitable for.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a popular kind of web hosting that is perfect for small business and personal websites. Shared hosting platforms uses Linux and Windows platforms. Most shared hosting companies are scalable so it is possible you can start up small and upgrade later on if needed. Advantages of shared web hosting are:

  • Low cost per month.
  • Shared hosts have a number of add-on programs and tools for site optimization.
  • You have your own domain and email.
  • Customer support is always there when you need one.
Recommended shared hosting: BlueHost, WebHostingHub, Arvixe

However, you need to know the following with shared web hosting:

  • You are in a shared space with other subscribers in one server. It can have performance and security issues but doesn’t happen on a stable web hosting provider.
  • May still have restrictions and sometimes you are limited to only a few file types.
  • It will be possible that you can outgrow your hosting plan which in turn will cost you more each month.
  • Spike traffic is common especially when you get popular and you may be of risk of suspension because of that.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is another kind of web hosting where your site is hosted in a server you are only in it. The advantage of having a dedicated hosting is that you control your website from the ground up. This is perfect for large companies and those websites that receive high traffic. You can use any number of domains, and even host additional websites in one server. The number of software solutions you can install is unlimited. These advantages have one drawback, you need to have web hosting skills and dedicated hosting a web hosting plan which will let you spend a lot.

For starters, I recommend you do not use a free hosting package unless it’s your personal website and you don’t want to earn money from your site. When you need to portray a more professional approach and when you need to earn money, use a shared web hosting plan. You will only use dedicated hosting and other types only if shared hosting is not enough to comply with your website needs.