9 Strong Reasons To Convert(website) to WordPress

June 08, 2018

Fact: WordPress powers 30% of all sites on the web.

Online sites,nowadays, are quite complex, yet provide enjoyable and much richer experience for visitors and site creators alike.

It is mainly because of open source platforms like WordPress.

Over the past 10 years or more, WordPress has succeeded in its mission to democratize online publishing. You can choose right plugins or theme for modern websites with advanced functions and designs.

It helps you to avoid the mess created by HTML coding!

That’s why you need to convert HTML website to WordPress, where you can get multiple plugins and themes to make your task of website design and development an easier option.

Why prefer WordPress over HTML?

In case you have a plain business website, it is time to power it up with WordPress themes.

It is a perfect platform for small and medium businesses. WordPress offers dynamic platform for developing website and business blogs.

Apart from that, there are some strong reasons to convert html to wordpress.

1.Easy to setup and customize:

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For an HTML site, you have to contact web designer every time you need to update content or add pictures to your site.

This isn’t the case with WordPress.

Through this open source platform, it will be much easier to build your website. With few clicks, you can install and customize the website design.

From adding pictures to content, or even for updating your online site, you can have complete control over your website.

Even novices will find it easier to use WordPress, as it is free from coding.

2.Free and open source

WordPress offers its users with a complete database full of free themes and plugins to use.

However, for availing the premium plugins and themes, you might have to pay a small fee with the free options, you can perform any kind of customization.

You can even improve source code mainly because of its open source nature.

3. Quite easy to manage:

If compared to HTML sites, WordPress gains its popularity because of its easy manageability.

For beginners, it is rather hard to edit some raw HTML code and work on changes.

But, they don’t have to bother about any of these changes, thanks to WordPress. This platform helps them to manage website pretty well and even update it whenever the time arises.

With a simple intuitive interface, even the non-technical members can update the online site anytime.

4. Strong Community of developers

WordPress houses a big community.

Therefore, no matter whatever security issue you are facing, it will be treated instantly.

Another plus point is that it provides every user with the liberty to contribute to this source. It has a higher level of customizability with multiple themes to help users remain updated with latest happenings in the WP community.

Continuous support and flexibility from this community are the major characteristics to make this experience a memorable one for the new users.

5. Comes with mobile optimization:

Mobile browsing is increasing at a high rate.

If you fail to make your website mobile optimized, chances are high that you are losing on your customer count. You might even lose mobile based website traffic to competitor.

Unfortunately, trying to create a mobile version of HTML site can be expensive and quite complicated. But, that’s not the case with WordPress.

Mobile optimization through WP is rather simple. You can procure mobile friendly themes and plugins like WP Touch for creating easier mobile versions.

6.  Multiple user capability:

One of the best features of WordPress platform is it’s multi user functionality which is hard to find in HTML.

Through this characteristic, it becomes easier for allocating specific roles to assign tasks.

Let’s take an example.

You can assign “Author” to the person, known for publishing and managing the post. Moreover, you can give the “editor” role to the person, who is given the responsibility to edit or manage the post, after the author posted it.

Another one is “subscribe”, which is presented to someone managing profile and receiving regular updates on the site.

7. Best way to save money and time:

For a dynamic HTML site, you are in need of experienced programmers to help you code and maintain it entirely.This is not just time consuming but quite expensive as well.

You have to pay each programmer individual for his or her part in establishing your website.

Now, with WordPress, you can actually avoid making these extra payments. Through WordPress, anyone will not just setup a website but get to manage it completely without any secondary help from the developers.

This will help you to save time and focus on your major business.

8. SEO friendly

If you want your business to gain popularity, you have to integrate SEO to your website.

Here, WordPress can help you by offering multiple security features. This will provide users with the SEO guidelines for optimizing individual websites.

As Google loves new content, so WordPress is constructed as a blogging sector. Here, you can easily add new content on a daily basis. There are multiple plugins available, which will make your WordPress site SEO friendly.

So, now you know the reason to head for html to wordpress conversion.

9. Customized as per your design:

WordPress gives you the freedom to customize your online site according to your designs. For that, you need to choose a related theme.

At first, theme customization may seem a bit complicated but it’s easy to accomplish it with the help of WordPress community.

So, WordPress can be utilized for creating websites, mainly depending on business requirements.

You can further modify the functions and look of the site for making it beneficial for your business. For customizing, users can either choose from the free WordPress themes or from the premium ones.


After going through the points, it is clear that converting HTML websites to WordPress is your firsthand priority.

Even though you don’t need it, but still you can ask programmers and web developers to help you with the conversion.

Author bio:

Brandon Graves is a WordPress geeks as well as digital marketing expert who work for one of the reputed WordPress development company in the USA.

He right now handling the projects such as convert html to wordpress website, plugins development, website SEO and much more. PLease follow him on Facebook for latest updates.


9 Strong Reasons To Convert(website) to WordPress
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9 Strong Reasons To Convert(website) to WordPress
Here are 9 strong reasons why you should convert your website to Wordpress. Cue: Every one in 3 websites are in wordpress now!
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